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Character Name: Solidus Snake
Source: Metal Gear series.
Desired Clan: Gafgarion's Legion

Background Link: Here.
AU Background: Among the many dirty secrets of the Emperor's reign, Solidus is a homunculus: a magical creature created in the image of a human, in this case an exact duplicate of one of Eigisengoku's more legendary soldiers. Controlled by the government literally from the moment he was conceived, Solidus was meant to be the ideal puppet. He grew up rapidly- accelerated aging is a drawback of being a copy of a grown man- serving both as politician and soldier by the whims of Rokujo's government, never having a real identity of his own.

However, Solidus was not content to spend his entire life being a pawn. He wanted to make his own place in history, to earn power for himself instead of being a figurehead. Incapable of having children, he believed that the only way he could ensure that his life would have meaning was to leave a mark on history so that he could live on in people's memories. But this would be impossible as long as he was nothing but an expendable secret project, a creature that didn't officially exist.

And so Solidus attempted to rebel against his masters, wishing to free both himself and the Kingdom from what he saw as tyranny. He failed, and narrowly escaped with his life. All records of his aborted uprising and his very existence have been expunged, rendering him an official 'nonentity'. But Solidus is still alive, keeping his true history and motives secret, still willing to use any means, including murder and terrorism, to bring down the Emperor. He believes that the current war offers him a perfect chance to accomplish his goals, and hopes to use Gafgarion's Legion as a means to his ends.

Title: Solidus has gone by the alias 'George Sears' in canon, although it's unclear whether this is his real name. 'King' and 'Boss' are also common aliases.
Fighting Style: Solidus is equipped with an advanced suit of enchanted armour, similar in function to Gray Fox's. In addition to boosting his strength and reflexes above human norms, the boots of the armour are endowed with fire magic, allowing Solidus brief bursts of acceleration as he blasts across the battlefield on a trail of flame. He uses two swords at once, his katana 'Minshuto' and his wakizashi 'Kyowato.' His accelerated aging means that he is far less formidable outside of his armour, but Solidus' paranoia means that he is almost never outside the suit.


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