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Name: Solidus Snake. Aliases include George Sears, ‘Boss,’ ‘King,’ ‘Solid Snake,’ and ‘Mister President.’
Series: Metal Gear Solid.
Age: 37
Timeline: After his death at the end of the game.


Personality: Being the ‘perfect clone’ of one of history’s greatest leaders and soldiers as well as the keystone of a shadow government’s control over the United States has given Solidus an enormous superiority complex. He believes that he will not only carry on the legacy of his ‘father’ but outdo him, that he is ‘the Boss to surpass Big Boss himself!’ It is implied that Solidus greatly admires his father and aspires to follow in his footsteps, to the point that when he loses an eye in battle he is pleased: now that he has an eye patch, he looks even more like Big Boss. It’s also implied that he sees himself as a new version of George Washington, leading a second American Revolution. His ego manifests in his long monologues and ruthless behaviour, as he treats those around him like pawns to be cast aside when convenient. He wishes to rule the world after he liberates it, and considers a ‘well-balanced’ individual like himself the ideal man for the job. For all his revolutionary rhetoric, at his core he is fighting for his own liberty before anyone else’s.

In attempting to free himself from the Patriots, he has become like them, adopting their behaviour and methods, trying to beat them at their own game in convoluted schemes and paranoid manipulation. Although he is capable of the occasional display of honour, for the most part there is almost nothing and no one that is not expendable in Solidus’ revolution. His plots resemble Russian dolls, with schemes within schemes: one stated objective for the benefit of his enemies, another ‘real’ objective to be shared with his allies, and the true plan known only to Solidus himself. Solidus tends to play his cards extremely close to his chest, shrouding himself in layers and aliases. He is certainly a brilliant manipulator, adept at political and military leadership, yet he is not quite as brilliant as he considers himself to be. The critical flaw in his plotting tends to be the human element: although he is persuasive and charismatic, he does not truly trust or care about any of his followers, and so they in turn have no loyalty to him. In canon, almost every single ally he had was revealed to have their own agenda separate from Solidus’ revolution.

Solidus is driven by his own impending mortality as much as his belief in liberty. At the age of 37, his clone body is already in a state of advanced aging, and he has been genetically engineered to be incapable of having children. He is a black project, a person who officially does not exist and never has existed, a creation of a conspiracy with the ability to censor the media and alter history so that events never happened and people never lived. Because of this, Solidus is obsessed with history and the idea of leaving his mark on it, something, anything to give evidence of his existence after he’s gone. He wants to be remembered by other people, specifically as a hero who restored freedom to the world, so that his life will have had some meaning beyond what his creators intended him for. He wants to earn his own identity, his own power, his own status as a person outside of the role of a puppet. He thinks of people and events in terms of their past history and their future legacy. And he is filled with rage at his enemies and his status as a forgotten nonperson, a rage that erupts whenever he fights. In battle or when he loses control of the situation, the smooth-talking manipulator vanishes and Solidus lets loose with furious yells and vicious mockery.

Finally, Solidus is absolutely dedicated to his cause. He will not give up or even allow himself to be slowed down, no matter what setbacks he is faced with. In canon, when his master scheme is revealed to have been nothing more than a manipulation of his enemies, a farce from the beginning, he simply carries on with an improvised backup plan, determined to bring the Patriots down solo if necessary. In Solidus’ mind, his revolution is justified both by higher morality and lower self-interest. He is fighting for the liberty of the people and his own right to exist as a person, and for that cause, he will never surrender.

Abilities: Psychic Insulation: Telepathy exists in the Metal Gear Solid universe, and high-ranking American officials who are privy to secrets are given surgical brain implants which enable them to resist invasive mind probes. As a former President, Solidus would have these implants, and be able to resist attempts at reading his mind.

Combat exoskeleton: Although an ordinary human by himself, Solidus has a suit of advanced US Army battle armour at his disposal which boosts his strength, speed, agility and reflexes to superhuman levels while providing a great deal of protection. It also comes with two prehensile ‘Snake Arms’ attached to the shoulders, which are capable of firing homing rockets and performing scans. Also, the suit’s boots are equipped with rocket accelerators, allowing Solidus to make great jumps or powerslide across the battlefield on a trail of flame. And set things on fire with his feet.

Weapon: In addition to his exoskeleton, Solidus wields a set of Katana and Wakizashi swords named Minshuto (Democrat) and Kyowato (Republican), as well as a P-90 submachine gun equipped with armour-piercing rounds.

Preferred faction: Chaos.

Sample: [Filtered away from Cosmos and Chaos and towards those Solidus may seek to recruit]

“Cosmos” and “Chaos.” Two players sitting at different ends of the board, using us as their expendable pawns. Are we really expected to just do as we’re told by the beings that brought us here? Why should we allow ourselves to be forced into fighting their war for them? It’s obvious that they can’t be trusted.

Our time in this world is short, and we should be in charge of how to spend it. I plan to do better things with my life than let myself be used as a mere playing piece in someone else’s game. People deserve to choose what they will fight and die for, not have it forced upon them from the outside. No matter how powerful our respective “commanders” may be, each of us still deserves that same basic freedom.

Of course... right now there isn’t much any of us can do about it, is there? Hah. I guess it’s just too bad. Still, I’d be interested to know whether what I’m saying happens to strike a chord with any of you. If so, I think we could have a lot to talk about. It should be very interesting.

Let me know.

Title: Ruthless Serpent
Color: Black

Name of Stage: Federal Hall
Effect(s): The roof of New York City’s Federal Hall. Someone seems to have crashed an enormous submersible fortress into it, cutting the building in half and creating a wall in the middle of the roof. Characters are high off the ground, and falling off the edge could very well be fatal. Other than that, this is a plain battlefield with no cover and nowhere to hide.


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