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2014-04-18 05:48 pm
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Solidus is a difficult and complicated character with a lot of mysteries. All feedback is appreciated! Anon-enabled comments are screened.
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2010-06-14 08:12 pm
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Dissideo application

Name: Jesse
LJ: [ profile] megalomaniac2
Contacts: AIM: jdmegalomaniac2 E-mail:
Current characters at Dissideo: None.

Name: Solidus Snake. Aliases include George Sears, ‘Boss,’ ‘King,’ ‘Solid Snake,’ and ‘Mister President.’
Series: Metal Gear Solid.
Age: 37
Timeline: After his death at the end of the game.

The world needs only one Big Boss! )
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2009-08-31 11:12 pm
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If you have a death wish, I'll be happy to accomodate you! See you in hell!

Character Name: Solidus Snake
Source: Metal Gear series.
Desired Clan: Gafgarion's Legion

All I want is to be remembered... by other people, by history. )